Air Conditioners (AC) Prices in Pakistan (Updated)

Air conditioners are devices that help you adjust the parameters of the air for the well-being comfort is very important, because it has an impact on human functioning both at home. Currently, most of the available models of air conditioners have a heat pump that is in addition to the cooling functions also have DC inverters. Depending on the model and manufacturer of the air conditioner may also have functions: humidification, de-humidification and air purification from dust, cigarette smoke, allergens and microorganisms helping allergy sufferers or people who have problems with breathing.

Latest AC Prices in Pakistan:

Gree air-conditioners has a wide range of models used in office spaces and homes. Gree the world that for many years known manufacturer and distributor of air conditioning equipment. In Pakistan, this brand works for several years, but is increasingly appreciated. Gree air conditioners have good operating parameters and at the same attractive price.


LG Air Conditioners is a modern solution for office and home with an attractive design (eg LG ARTCOOL Gallery, LG Libero ARTCOOL). LG air conditioners are efficient (compressor BLDC), cost (technology inverter DC) and ensure quiet (even 19dB) .These used in both apartments, houses and offices and large commercial surfaces. The solutions improve air quality eliminate pollution, dust, dust mites, pollen, preventing allergic diseases.


Samsung Air Conditioners has a wide range of equipment for use in offices and residential buildings. Samsung’s air conditioners are efficient, quiet and functional. Full HQ filter removes from the air even the smallest particles of dust and allergens and guarantees the purity. Plasma technology In Samsung can neutralize viruses, bacteria, mold and allergens, protecting against dangerous microorganisms and toxins. High energy class models Samsung is lower energy costs and protecting the natural environment.


Mitsubishi Air Conditioners is a wide range of models for various applications in residential or office buildings. Mitsubishi Air conditioners Plasma-cluster have a system that generates positive and negative ions effectively combat mildew, viruses, allergens and odors in the air. The positive effect of these solutions have been certified by recognized institutes of health in the world and in Pakistan – Certificate of National Institute of Public Health – National Institute of Hygiene! These devices are dedicated especially for allergy sufferers or people with high demands for air quality.


Haier Air Conditioners, through the use of modern technology, has become one of the leading solution providers in the field of HVAC. HAIER is an international brand in the field of air-conditioning, and its sole and general distributor in Pakistan is REFSYSTEM. The company offers split air conditioners with inverter technology and air-conditioners Multi Split. Among the available models can be distinguished air conditioners Wall (Aqua, Zircon, Home), cassette (Cassette)- skirting (Convertible) and channel (Duct).


Panasonic air conditioners, Panasonic produces excellent air conditioners for wall with inverter technology, allowing also for space heating, if necessary. Some models are equipped with advanced technology whose task is to save energy and prevent it loses some. Some devices may be equipped with smart sensors for maintaining a constant fixed indoor temperature. Panasonic offers a whole range of models with different parameters, so that everyone can find the right air conditioner for your needs. Panasonic continues to build increasingly better and more comfortable solutions. The latest of them allows you to control air conditioners from anywhere in the home, using such popular devices such as smartphones.


TOSHIBA air conditioners, is a brand with tradition, which makes every effort to ensure the air conditioners were the best, how best to meet the needs of its users, is a Japanese think technology combined with Japanese precision. TOSHIBA air conditioning is a Japanese technology and equipment, which are characterized by innovation, safety, comfort and convenience and enjoy their users for decades. Toshiba Air Conditioning is an advanced technology, the most modern filtration systems, environmental compatibility and high efficiency.